World of Jegev

Entering the Great Forge

Entering the Great Forge

Recovering from their ambush by the Frozen Fist mercenaries, the group pressed on towards the Great Forge, hoping to find the wizard who had fled their previous encounter.
Instead they found their way blocked by their rivals, who were under attack by frost giants.
Choosing a different way they found another route to the Great Forge.
Keeping their half orc prisoner as a semi mascot / servant they convinced him to take on the aspect of a badger totem.
Upon arrival they proceeded to empty their food supplies as a bribe to two hill giant guards, sent a lone scout via flying broom to investigate a outside tower (there was a lone giant living there) and proceeded to negotiate with traps and salamander inhabitants within.
After an inter party conflict they put aside their differences and resolved to investigate the nearby hill giant family for the salamanders within….



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